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Bestie Blushes

Bestie Blushes
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✨ REBECCA - #01✨
My mother is going to be the first shade, she was the first woman in my life that ever had my heart and she will always be so inspiring to me to push for my dreams. Without her support, I would never been able to accomplish any of the amazing things I have with this brand today! You always have my back and give me the best guidance along the way. You are the best thing that god blessed my life with!

✨VALERIE - #02✨
Valerie is my cohost of my podcast and one of my most driven person that I have ever met. You keep me accountable and keep me on my toes. There's not many people I look up to in the entrepreneur field but you're definitely one of them! Growing together has truly been a blessing and thankful for the lessons you’ve taught me over over our friendship!

✨MANDY - #03✨
My gorgeous and funny cousin Mandy will be taking the place of this blush shade. Thank you for never judging me and loving me for who I am, it's us against the world!

✨KATIE - #04✨
To my fearless, travel, buddy, that is so creative and inspires me more and more everyday. You believe in me when I did not believe in myself. As someone who is in the make up industry as well, you blow my mind with the things that you accomplish, and the success that you are achieving. You are so humble and caring. you are the most funniest person in the room and make me laugh until my stomach hurts. You bring out the child and me and we have the best time every time we're around each other.

✨BROOKE - #05✨
To the most loyal and passionate friend, that I know, you are the most fun and caring person when it comes to loving everyone in your life. You are the most headstrong person, that I have ever met. You were a huge part in me starting this beauty brand, you showed me that I am an entrepreneur by discovering that passion together with our first little business. You always have my back!