Rated R Beauty
$14.95 USD

Paw Shower Jelly

Rated R Beauty animal lovers this is for you!🐾 As someone who's dog is my best friend, I created a paw shower jelly! I adopted my 3rd puppy Daisy in January of 2023 & seen so many helpless animals, I wish I could have brought home with me. Being realistic I told myself, I would give back to those helpless little fur babies one way or another! So here we have an amino acid jelly soap, that not only supports our furry friends; but is good for your skin! $2 per each unit sold will be donated to my local ASPCA! Our furry friends thank you for your donation, enjoy your shower jelly!πŸΆπŸ’— 🐱

What's "amino acids " you might ask? πŸ€” Amino acids play a part in maintaining the skin's hydration, resilience, elasticity and an overall healthy appearance! 🐾